Festival Spotlight On: Is Plastic Fantastic?

This week, the Human World Festival’s spotlight is on Is Plastic Fantastic?, taking place all day on Nov 19th at Hands-On Humanities Day at the Avenue Campus.

Is Plastic Fantastic is a two-part event, with morning sessions aimed at the family audience (great for primary age and up). Morning sessions will include educational talks and hands-on activities. Learn about real environmental issues like pollution and recycling through art, archaeology and even rubber duckies!

Morning sessions* will each run at 10:30, 11:30 and 12:30 and include:

  • Interactive Workshop 1: ‘An Archaeology of Plastics’, led By Dr Helen Farr (Room 1093)
  • Interactive Workshop 2: ‘Ocean Plastics and Drifts’, led By Professor Bob Marsh (Room 1095)
  • Interactive Workshop 3: ‘Creative Responses to Ocean plastic pollution’ led by visual Artist Natalie Searle and Dr Jane Lavery (Room 1097)

*Morning sessions require pre-booking. As with all Human Worlds Festival events, tickets are FREE but spaces are limited. Book your free tickets online now. When booking please choose which workshops and session times you would like to attend, being careful to ensure that your time slots for the individual workshops do not overlap. And be sure to also book your overall Hands-On Humanities Day tickets on Eventbrite (link).

Booking is not required for afternoon sessions. Afternoon sessions are aimed at post-16 and up, with talks and discussions, short films, a poetry reading and a multimedia exhibition looking at the possibilities and problems with ocean plastics.

Talk topics and times are:

  • 2:00 Welcome
  • 2:05 Dr Jane Lavery Plastics: Hope, Fear and Interdisciplinarity between the Sciences and Humanities to energise communities
  •  2:20 Dr Erik Van Sebille:  The problem of plastic in our ocean. There’s too much plastic in our ocean. But where does it come from? Where does it do most harm? And what can we do about it?
  • 3: 05 Julia Barton: Terra Nova – an artists journey along the shores of our Polymer Sea

Is Plastic Fantastic? at Hands-On Humanities Day


New Event! British Art Show 8 Inspirations: The Hope and Fear of Evolution and Development

What do you get when you combine the British Art Show, the John Hansard Gallery and the Human Worlds Festival?

A can’t miss event!

Join Senior Teaching Fellow Dr Neil Gostling (Biological Sciences) as he discusses evolution, embryology and missing links Nov 15th from 13:00-14:00 at the John Hansard Gallery.

This event is free and open to all (16+ recommended), but be sure to secure your place by booking via 023 8059 2158.

To learn more about this British Art Show 8 inspired event, visit its events page and follow us @SotonHumsFest, the British Art Show @_BritishArtShow and the John Hansard Gallery @JHansardGallery on social media for updates.

Festival Spotlight On: Election Night USA!

This week, the Human World Festival’s spotlight is on Election Night USA! Presidential Legacies, taking place Nov 8th at 10pm at the Avenue Campus, Building 65, Lecture Theatre C.

This event launches the annual Humanities festival, with the opportunity to follow the American election footage- live!
Taking place on what will surely be an exciting and historic political  evening  this event will be divided into two parts: 10pm-1am  will feature talks and commentary and the opportunity to have your say. Talk topics will centre around Barack Obama’s presidential
legacy, from Obama and religion, US/UK relations, drone warfare, to race relations, and will by given by Americanists in the History department at the University of Southampton, including Prof Kendrick Oliver, Dr Chris Fuller, Dr Jonathan Hunt, Dr Charlotte Riley and Dr David Cox.

Into the wee hours, all are welcomed to stay, sip on coffee, nibble on snacks and watch the exit poll results roll in at
approximately 3am.

To learn more about this exciting evening event, visit our main event page.

This event is free to attend, but be sure to secure your place by booking online now.

Coming up Fast! Human Worlds Festival 2016

The Human Worlds Festival, Nov 17-25th, is pleased to announce this year’s launch event Election Night USA! Presidential Legacies. On Nov 8th, follow the US election footage live, hear talks from leading History researchers at the University of Southampton on Obama’s legacy and even stay late to watch the polling results roll in. Reserve your place! Booking for this event is now live- your free ticket can be booked online now! (Learn More about this event)

Other festival events include an all-day, family friendly Hands-On Humanities Day, which will take place from 10:30-4:30 on the Avenue Campus. The day will feature activities, talks, performances and more, with surely something for everyone. Sneak peak: Is Plastic Fantastic?, Bone Café, Storytelling, games and more.

On November 23rd at the Freemantle and Shirley Community Centre, Hope and Fear for New Life will feature researchers across the Humanities at a panel discussion ranging from the philosophy and culture of pregnancy to midwifery and the impact of media on childbirth. New parents are invited to attend with their babies, and should not worry about noise, moving about or feeding as necessary.

On November 25th, the Human Worlds Festival presents A Night on Campus. The evening will begin with a family-friendly screening of “Night at the Museum” (Rated PG, 1hr48min) with a talk from a zooarchaeologist. and sessions of the public favourite, the Astrodome, will run until 8pm.  The film “Le Salaire de la Peur” will be screened for the adult audience later in the evening, with a Q&A session led by Prof Lucy Mazdon of the Film department. Stay tuned to learn more about the scheduling and booking of these free events, plus more, at A Night on Campus.

WATCH THIS SPACE! for announcements on when more event details are announced and tickets go live! And be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to keep up with the latest festival news.