Build-A-Burial Workshop at Hands-On Humanities Day

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Date(s) - 19/Nov/2016
10:30 am - 4:30 pm

Avenue Campus, Building 65, Room 1145

Build-A-Burial is a fun activity for children and adults put on by Archaeology at the University of Southampton.
This event will be running all day at Hands-On Humanities Day, so be sure to come and learn about how archaeologists begin to unravel the puzzle of ancient graves by having a go at building your own burial! Use the objects on hand to ‘bury’ a skeleton and grave goods – you can recreate a Roman burial, or make up one of your own.
Human skeletal remains are frequently uncovered on archaeological sites, and are often buried in a variety of interesting ways and with different objects. But what did these objects represent to past populations, and how much can you learn about a person from the grave goods they are buried with? Do these objects convey the same ideas to us today as they would have done to past cultures?
As with all Human Worlds Festival events, Build-A-Burial is open to all and is FREE to attend! Be sure to secure your place at Hands-On Humanities Day, however, by booking online now:Booking Link 
For detailed instructions on reaching Hands-On Humanities Day, please follow this link.

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