Election Night USA! Presidential Legacies

Date(s) - 08/Nov/2016 - 09/Nov/2016
10:00 pm - 1:00 am

Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus

Follow the American election footage- live!- at Election Night USA! Presidential Legacies on Nov 8-9th.  As with all Human Worlds Festival events, Election Night USA! is free to attend. To secure your place, please book your ticket online in advance of the evening.

The main portion of the evening, outlined below and featuring talks and commentary, will run from 10pm to 1am; however, attendees are welcomed to stay, sip on soft drinks, nibble on snacks and watch the exit poll results roll in at approximately 3am.

This Election Night event will explore Barack Obama’s presidential legacy, and the construction of presidential myths and reputations.

obamachange3The evening will feature short introductory talks by Americanists in the History department. Drawing upon their specialist fields of research, Professor Kendrick Oliver will discuss Obama and religion; Dr Chris Fuller will evaluate his use of drone warfare; Dr Jonathan Hunt will unpick his landmark nuclear deal with Iran; Dr Charlotte Riley will ponder the state of the “special relationship” with the UK; and Dr David Cox will examine the outgoing president’s impact on American race relations.

As well as considering the extent to which Obama was able to deliver on the hopes of his domestic and international supporters, each talk will highlight the hopes and fears of what the next president will bring to the nation, and the wider world.




Have your say! Opinion polls will be taken throughout the evening, giving you the chance to express your own opinions on Obama’s legacy, US politics, and the election as it happens – join us for a friendly, spirited discussion of hopes, fears, and presidential legacy.

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** For detailed instructions on reaching and parking at the Avenue Campus event, please see this map for more detail. **


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