Queering narratives: How to make a documentary

Date(s) - 19/Nov/2016
12:30 pm - 1:30 pm

Lecture Theatre C, Avenue Campus

Join us for Queering narratives: How to make a documentary at
Hands-On Humanities Day. Great for secondary and beyond.

Documentarian Amy Ashenden
Documentarian Amy Ashenden

What does the word queer mean? What kind of narratives are we used to seeing in film, TV, books and the media, and why might these be unhelpful in understanding ourselves and each others’ identities? Why should we queer these narratives and how can we?

This talk will include the screening of two documentary trailers (including The Gay Word) produced by Amy Ashenden, a former University of Southampton student and video journalist at the Evening Standard.

To learn more about and watch the full documentary, click on the image above.

As with all Human Worlds Festival events, this Hands-On Humanities Day workshop is open to all and is free to attend. While no pre-booking for this workshop is needed, be sure to book your free tickets to Hands-On Humanities Day.

For detailed instructions on how to reach this venue and information on parking, please click this map link.


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