Being Human 2015 “Religion and Me”


The 2015 Southampton Humanities Being Human Festival was themed “Religion and Me,” and ran throughout the month of November.

Experts in archaeology, literature, languages, history, music, film, philosophy and beyond explored such questions as What is religion?  How does it affect our lives today?  How has it shaped our society, art and literature? through talks, workshops, seminars, and family activity days.

Learn more about what events took place and our contributors and collaborators.

And keep your calendars free this November, when the 2016 festival will be taking place! Stay tuned to find out more about the fantastic events that we have in store. As in the past, all events will be FREE and open to all, so we look forward to welcoming both the local community and academic community to share in the ways humanities research is changing how we see the world and enriching our lives.

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