About Being Human Festival 2015 “Religion and Me”

Being Human Festival 2015 “Religion and Me”

What is religion?  How does it affect our lives today?  How has it shaped our society, art and literature?

Join the University of Southampton for a full month of public events celebrating the humanities, overlapping with the national Being Human festival, which runs November 12th-22nd, 2015. Experts in archaeology, literature, languages, history, music, film, philosophy and beyond will guide you in exploring “religion and me” this November. We look forward to welcoming both the local community and academic community to share in the ways humanities research is changing how we see the world and enriching our lives.

Many events are free of charge and all are open to everyone, taking place at the University’s Avenue Campus and across the city. 

Please email us at beinghumanuos@gmail.com if you have any questions.

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