Being Human: Religion and Me is made possible through the support of the Faculty of Humanities, University of Southampton, in association with Lifelong Learning. We thank staff and students from the Faculty of Humanities, as well as from other faculties in the university, including Biological Sciences, Medicine, Engineering and the Environment, Electronics and Computer Science, the Law School, and the NOC, who have offered their time, expertise and energy to make the festival great. We are also thankful for collaboration from university and community groups, including Bright Club, Researchers’ Cafe, Cancer Research UK, The Phoenix, Young Archaeologists’ Club, Trench 1, and The Science Room.

List of speakers, session leaders, and organisers:

Festival Organisers:

  • Dr William Davies, Archaeology
  • Dr Sonia Zakrzewski, Archaeology

Festival Events Coordinators:

  • Matthew Harrison, Archaeology
  • Kristen Heasley, Archaeology

University of Southampton Lifelong Learning Administrative Team:

  • Steph Henshall
  • Nicola Milsom


  • Prof Oren Ben-Dor, School of Law, University of Southampton
  • Dr Louis Bayman, Film, University of Southampton
  • Dr Lisa Bernasek, Modern Languages, University of Southampton
  • Dr Andrew Birley, Vindolanda Trust
  • Prof Peter Clarke, History, University of Southampton
  • Dr William Davies, Archaeology, University of Southampton
  • Dr Jonathan Dawson, Medicine, University of Southampton
  • Holly Dunbar, History, University of Southampton
  • Prof Keith Fox, Biological Sciences, University of Southampton
  • Dr Alison Gascoigne, Archaeology, University of Southampton
  • Prof Ian Haynes, Newcastle University
  • Dr Zena Kamash, Royal Holloway
  • Dougie Killock, Pre-Construct Archaeology
  • Prof Ros King, English, University of Southampton
  • Prof Tony Kushner, History and the Parkes Institute
  • Dr Jonathan W Leader, Social, Human and Mathematical Sciences
  • Dr Marianne O’Doherty, English, University of Southampton
  • Prof Kendrick Oliver, History, University of Southampton
  • Rodrigo Ortiz-Vazquez, Archaeology, University of Southampton
  • Dr John Pearce, King’s College London
  • Dr Louise Revell, Archaeology, University of Southampton
  • Muazzam Sharif, English, University of Southampton
  • Prof Barry Sloan, English, University of Southampton
  • Dr Alexander Smith, University of Reading
  • Prof Meric Srokosz, National Oceanography Centre
  • Dr Michael Williams, Film, University of Southampton
  • Tony Wilmott, English Heritage

Session Leaders:

Being Human Festival Volunteers:

  • Fatima Zahra Ahmed Sid, Modern Languages
  • Haziqah Binti Aris, Modern Languages
  • Amira Benabdelkader, Modern Languages
  • Hannadi Khadawardi, Modern Languages
  • Meera Shirodkar, Film
  • Izabela Tow, History

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